The Future


Element Four's WaterMill technology can be scaled to augment crop irrigation using micro or drip irrigation systems. These systems deliver the right amount of water at the right time, directly to the root of the plant.


The Element Four WaterMill commercial unit can be scaled to produce fresh water for use in:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Cruise ships
  • Hospitals
  • Sports arenas
  • Other public buildings

Peacekeeping, Disaster Relief

Supplying water to peace-keeping troops or disaster relief missions is an enormous logistical challenge. Water supply and purity is crucial in these situations. Versions of the Element Four WaterMill will be used on supply vehicles, troop carriers or ships to augment the supply of fresh drinking water. In disaster relief situations, WaterMill units could be on hand to provide emergency drinking water. Future products will help save lives in severely water-deprived regions of the world.

Bottled Water Production

When used in combination with our point-of-use system, water produced by the Element Four WaterMill also presents opportunities for the health conscious market, including bottled water applications using proprietary, environment friendly bottles.


Element Four's WaterMill system enables the end-user to choose the quality and quantity of water they wish to produce. Our unique system will produce potable water or create structured water by adding minerals.

We are also developing point of use systems for convenient access to WaterMill generated water. The WaterMill "Grab & Go" water dispenser is designed to mount on a kitchen
Backsplash or counter and store water produced by the WaterMill.

Research and Development of Element Four Products

The design for the WaterMill started with the science of hydrology and the hydrologic cycle. Through the processes of engineering and prototyping, we kept two goals in mind: efficient practicality for the home user, and elegant, sustainable design. Our research showed that a successful product would produce 12 liters (13 US quarts) of potable water in a 24 hour cycle - enough to support the needs of a large family. The resulting product met or exceeded all of our goals.


Element Four products will be distributed by licensees, major retailers and this website.

The WaterMill® WM-200 produces pure water for a healthy family and a healthy environment

The WaterMill® provides you with:

  • clean, fresh water for drinking and cooking
  • ease of use and maximum water generation from air
  • a sustainable, elegant appliance for your home


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